Jio F90m Imei-No Service Problem Repair Final Solution

Jio keypad phone imei 0 /Blank /No network/No sim show or Network  symbol running problem Solved 100%

In this post we will show How to repair Jio Phone no network issue/imei problem.?

Now a days many users are facing No Network issue in Jio keypad phones,Its manly because of efs or imei number is damaged.So if you wants to repair these types of issues,Just follow billow given process,

This Solution Is Tested In More Than 20 Handsets And Working Perfectly..

To Repair this type of problem follow this guide…

1-Download Jio f90m efs file readed by umt tool

2-Download and install umt qcfire tool

3-Boot jio phone into edl mode(qdloader mode) By pressing home key then insert usb cable in off mode

4-Reset efs full by umt qcfire tool

5-Write efs which was downloaded by upper link.(Follow billow screenshots for more detail).
6-Now download Qualcomm imei repair tool

7- Power on phone connect usb

8-Press call +power for 3 to 5 Seconds to turn on usb diag mode(Diagnostic port will appear in device maneger

9- Select diag port and Write original imei from back slip –DO NOT WRITE OTHER IMEI ITS ILLEGAL

By this trick you can also solve Network Symbol Running issue also.Call Not connect problem also will solved by this trick..

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Kagoo s8 mini hard reset solution

Kagoo s8 mini mobile unlock/hard reset solution without box

Unlock Pin and pattern lock in  s8 mini spd 6820/8810 phone with free tool without any box.many professional tools are not supported in this chipset.

To unlock kagoo s8 mini spreadtrum phone follow process..

  • Connect phone in off mode
  • Install spd drivers if not installed .(Download spd phones driver)
  • Phone start charging,Diag drivers will show in this mode.(do not press any key )
  • Spd diag driver will install in power off charging mode automatically,check device manager for spd diag port.
  • Download this free spd factory reset tool in diag mode
  • Select diag port in comport and press Reset now.
  • Phone will restart if not restart select SPRD AT port then again press reset now button in software.
  • Remove battery and start manually if auto restart not works..
  • Its done within 10  seconds..

Download spd reset tool in diag mode

 mirror link

Tool credit goes to original creators

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