micromax q338 dead after flash with sp tool

Many users are getting problem while flash micromax q338 mediatek phone dead after flash it with firmware

to avoide Dead After Flash problem always untick preloader before flash

some times problem is under hardware but after flash handset soft bricked and unable to recover again this is the main cause ,some times mismatch h/w.version will also affect specialy mtk phones so always prefer to match h/w version of firmware and handset as in picMicromax q338 dead after flash

Micromax q338 have 2 deftrent h/w version v1 and v3 you can download from bilow link,if you flashed wrong firmware change firmware file and do format all+download with mtk sp flash tool ;;;;;

mmx q338 h/w v.1 sw.v 0.9 latest firmware

mmx q338 h/w v.1 sw.v 0.7 tested file

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